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Businesses and individuals can house their colocation servers in Red Origin's ISP grade facility. Colocating in Red Origin's Data Center provides your mission-critical data with superior security, bandwidth management, and Internet connections.

Red Origin's state-of-the-art Data Center in Valletta, Malta, EU,





provides unparalleled performance, availability and security to all of our colocation customers.

Who Needs Colocation -

  • i-gaming & Online Gambling Operations
  • Small to Medium Sized Enterprises
  • eBusiness
  • Web Services
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Local Government / Local Councils

Why You Need Red Origin Colocation -

You have an in-house data center or have your colocation server housed with a Red Origin competitor. You launch your web site and within a few days later, your marketing efforts start to pay off - your web site gets mentioned on SlashDot.org or your software download gets "Popular Pick" at Download.com. Your web servers start getting slammed with download or http requests. You are not prepared for the success and your web servers start dropping connections or your bandwidth gets maxed out, so requests for your data go unanswered and clients get tired of waiting and go elsewhere. Getting more bandwidth from your provider will take 60 days, at best. Getting more servers to handle the requests could take a week at least. Your site has lost valuable visitors, and it's unlikely that you will regain the traffic that your media coverage or success generated.

Benefits of Red Origin Colocation -

  • Tremendous Cost Savings - We are the only colocation provider that charges PER Rack UNIT (RU) and not per SERVER
  • 100% External Fiber-Optic Network- multi-homed bandwidth available to your server(s)
  • Onsite Engineers- Why hire your own engineers when you can use ours
  • Physical Security - Our Data Center is a limited access environment located in a high security building with 24x7 security
  • Data Security - Your system is isolated from others via packet- filtering Ethernet switches
  • Fire Prevention - Your systems are protected by a dry-pipe fire-suppression systems
  • Personal, Dedicated Service - We offer live, instant-answer FREE support - you will be talking directly to our engineers
  • Anytime Access - Our data center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you need access, you get access!

Financial Stability - We have operated data centers since 1995 and have no long-term debt, no VC financing to repay, no bank loans and have been profitable since our inception. We are here to stay!

Other Features -

  • Complete scalability to accommodate your needs as your company grows
  • Multiple POEs (Point of Entry) for fiber, electricity and generator inputs - 99.999% uptime
  • Personal treatment - We know the needs of the SMB and we cater to that every need.
  • Highest level of security to protect your data
  • 24x7 Live Answer (no wait time) technical support
  • Complete control of access to your colocation server (escorted)
  • Private meeting rooms  (depending on availability)
  • Secure Cabling and Power Runs
  • Personal account representative and support line that will be answered directly
  • Scaleable bandwidth capabilities
  • Carrier-neutral facility
  • No Content Restrictions except as defined by Maltese Law
  • Facilities coordinator on staff 24/7 for build-outs and private bandwidth installations
  • All exchange points and bandwidth carriers monitored 24/7 to protect against service interruption to your servers
  • Access to your colocation server and equipment all day, every day (escorted)
  • Complete reports on bandwidth utilization and port connection made on a weekly, monthly and basis
  • Administrator on duty 24/7 for emergency maintenance
  • Roof rights available for wireless connections, antennas, transmitters and other line of sight devices (accompanying permit)
  • Bar code inventory system for tracking and securing your equipment
  • 24x7x365 Closed-circuit video surveillance (2 months Watermarked Digital Video retention period)
  • Boardroom, Training and conference room facilities available free of charge (depending on availability)
  • Authorized users have 24/7 escorted access
  • Connectivity Options: 10/100 Ethernet, ATM, Gig-Ethernet, etc.
  • Custom power, cross connects, and private interconnects
  • Big or small, every company is treated the same way at Red Origin Ltd!

Also -

Clean IPs - Red Origins takes pride in offering clean IP addresses, unlike many providers who allow and even cater to spammers. We are among the strictest facilities with regard to Acceptable Use Policies, ensuring that our customers won't be adversely affected by the actions of others.

You never have to come to the Data Center - With "Red Origin's Remote Hands and Eyes" we do your reboots for free; we can instantly install new hardware and bill you for it and we can perform maintenance routines on your software or applications and bill you for the administrator time.

NO DOWNTIME WHILE YOU MOVE - Moving a server from one location to another can be a strain on a business. Red Origin recognises this and we offer you free use of our "transition" server for up to 30 days to help you make the switch to Red Origin seamless. You can mirror all of your data on one of our spare servers, change DNS entries, ship/deliver your server to our data center, then re-sync your data. This ensures that your site never experiences any downtime.

Other Services available with packages-

  • Remote Hands and Eyes (mounting media, restarting applications)
  • Remote Reboot & Power Control Devices (certain packages ONLY)
  • Manual Reboots and Power Cycling (live answer reboot hotline)
  • Colocation Server Monitoring
  • Primary, Secondary & Tertiary DNS Server Entries
  • Console Monitoring and Reporting
  • Installation
  • Shipping/Delivery within the EU (if you switch from a competitor and with an annual contract)

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Red Origin offers a unique combination of hardware, bandwidth, support and services to help companies protect data and ensure business continuity.

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