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i-Gaming & Online Gambling



‘Malta is currently the only country in the European Union which regulates i-gaming. Over the last five years, it has gained a wealth of experience and has attained an unmatched track record as the best regulated Online Gambling / i-gaming jurisdiction in the EU.’

Malta’s Extraordinary Track Record

Malta issued its first regulations for online gaming in 2000 to establish online betting. These regulations were revised in 2004 and the new Remote Gaming Regulations were published to include all forms of interactive gaming.



The 2004 Remote Gaming Regulations have expanded the range of licensed gambling operations that can be performed via Malta to include online gaming in addition to traditional fixed odds operations.  License are now available for online casinos, casino-style games, betting exchanges and lotteries. These new laws have created a system of checks and balances ensuring that Malta retains its competitive edge as an advantageous yet seriously regulated gaming regime.

In the past four years, over 120 entities have applied for a license. Today, a good number of the top fifty igaming operators are based in Malta and the industry is showing good signs of growth.

Most operators are attracted to Malta because of its competitive gaming tax, availability of services and most of all, its reputation of having a strongly regulated jurisdiction.

Online Gaming/igaming Services

Gaming Software - Making the right decision regarding your system and your software company will largely determine your success in the industry.

Licensing - We can assist you with a selection of licensing jurisdiction in Malta or in various parts of the globe.

Payment Processing - Secure, high-speed online transaction capabilities with built in fraud controls cannot be stressed enough to minimize your risk. In addition to an payment processing company that offers off-shore banking and instant online verification.

Logo/Web Design - Award winning designers to help you get what you want!

Advertising & Marketing - Traffic will be driven to your site by a well developed, well implemented and a legal ongoing advertising and marketing campaign.

Red Origin’s i-gaming Consultancy

Our i-gaming consultancy offers a one-stop-shop service to operators seeking to relocate to Malta or seeking a back-up operation within an Maltese or EU jurisdiction. All our services are provided in-house - legal or financial services are provided through a sister company or our network of trusted partners in Malta and abroad.

We are also active in the forum of the Malta Remote Gaming Council. This is an independent Council made up of the many stake holders in the remote gaming industry including licensed operators, internet service providers, lawyers and professional services providers. The main objective of this Council is to serve as an ongoing discussion platform providing valuable feedback to the Lotteries and Gaming Authority and to enable Malta's service providers and operators keep abreast with the latest developments in the industry.

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