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The Network

Redundant Core Equipment & Redundant Network Topology make Red Origin YOUR colocation and hosting provider of choice - Do not gamble with your business.



We provide and supply a full range of services to the local business and residential communities and these include SECURE Access over existing ADSL or Cable to our servers, VoIP Setup & Configuration, Remote Data Backup and Storage for business continuity, Remote CCTV footage recording for qualified subscribers, managed firewall service, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam protection, server and service monitoring with SMS alerting and many others. ALL of our core redundant equipment is manufactured by Cisco Systems® , DELL®, APC® and IBM®. We also offer SunCobalt RaQ® hardware for Linux hosting and are resellers and installers of SuSe Linux. Internet bandwidth is provided by two totally different network transport technologies, and bandwidth is purchased from two different suppliers - this ensures that our system has full redundancy in both physical and communication layers. Most problems can be solved by sending an e-mail and we also have an onsite call center for improved customer care. I-gaming clients also have their own account manager available on a 24/7 schedule.


All Cisco Systems® network equipment is configured with standby replacements or simultaneously running, load-balanced units. This practice ensures that hardware failures do not jeopardise the availability and performance of the hosting environment. Nonetheless, all equipment has been carefully evaluated prior to the implementation in order to ensure the highest possible standard of operation.

2 dedicated monitoring servers are used to monitor, log and report potential network issues and overall efficiency on 24/7 basis on the two separate bandwidth feeds. In case of any failures or problems, these servers automatically run commands based on a predefined rule set and notify support personnel with a message (SMS) on their mobile devices using two network independent GSM modems, specifying details about the problem that was detected and action being taken. This SMS reporting service can also be used by business clients upon request.

Network Security

For security reasons, all hosted servers and systems are isolated in their own respective virtual network to protect other servers and services in case of abuse or malfunction. All internal network activity is controlled, monitored and logged by the firewall.

Furthermore, every effort is made to ensure that all possible network exploitation is prevented. This includes security flaws that may be discovered in services running on the network and related Internet attacks, where software patches or system reconfiguration is immediately effected.

Physical Security

Access to the network and the physical hosting environment is restricted to System Administrators only. All staff working at Red Origin Limited who have access to the Network and Data floor areas have undergone due diligence procedures and a full legal background check as part of our security internal policy.

The Data floor has 24x7 CCTV video security and card & PIN controlled access. This area also has separate fire and intruder alarm systems and a VESDA system for fire protection linked to a redundant dry pipe FM-200 fire suppression system.

Our newly commissioned Data Center has ample N+1 (Need+1) UPS power and standby diesel generator power with a 48 hour fuel supply. Emergency procedures are tested regularly as part of our uptime policy.

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Red Origin offers a unique combination of hardware, bandwidth, support and services to help companies protect data and ensure business continuity.

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