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Virtual Hosting



Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Under this hosting model, software innovation has been used to create a virtual server that performs as if it were a full server dedicated to the exclusive use of each account. This behind the scenes sophistication results in a superior hosting solution that is simple to use while eliminating the possible performance & security disadvantages of the Shared Hosting approach. A few of the key advantages of the Virtual Private Server hosting environment are listed below -

  • Insulation -- Each virtual private hosting server (VPS) is completely partitioned from one another. A crash or lock up on one VPS has no impact on other virtual servers.
  • Performance -- Each VPS receives a specified allocation of CPU, memory, and disk. The environment allows for bursting within reasonable limits, but does not permit one VPS from dominating the physical server's resources. The result is that each VPS receives a guaranteed level of service.
  • Security -- Each VPS behaves exactly like a dedicated server, allowing the full security scheme to be utilized with absolutely no commingling of data among virtual servers.
  • Control -- Each VPS can be administered with total control of all settings using the powerful, yet easy to use control panel or via the command line.

Red Origin uses the Virtual Private Server model for medium resource needs hosting plans. Starting with our low cost entry level plan, you can take advantage of the benefits of VPS hosting and seamlessly move up to higher level plans as needed. This is made possible by our unsurpassed ability to leverage advanced virtual server hosting technology called VServer, a leading vendor of technology for the managed hosting industry. And no other hosting provider has implemented VServer to offer such a powerful and effective hosting environment through the entire range of hosting plans!

Take a close look and you will see that our virtual hosting environment is well suited to those that want to quickly implement an existing web site or application AND serious developers that need a technically sophisticated environment with total control. Take a look at some of the features and benefits of our VPS environment.

Features -


  • Personal Mail Server
    Your VPS will have its own mail server for your personal use. Your mail service is immune from being impacted by someone else's abuse of a community wide mail server.
  • Resource Usage Visibility
    Comprehensive imformation on your resource utilization allowing you to verify billing and determine if and when additional resources are required.
  • Self Service
    Add or remove applications, domains, mailboxes and other resources as needed. Upgrade or downgrade your plan with the click of a mouse.
  • High Performance
    Your site or application will receive a guaranteed allocation of resources. Furthermore, your account will run on an extremely powerful server that is up to 10 times faster than servers that some of our competitors use.
  • Root Access
    For complete control, use SSH to securely administer the server from the command line. This is possible because you have a private instance of the operating environment, made possible by VServer, a recognized leader in virtual server technology.
  • Database Servers
    Control of your own private instance of the MySQL or PostgreSQL database server, or other database.*

* Some limitations may be present.





The Red Origin Personal VPS Package offers all you need to create an attractive presence for your family website, your hobbies, or for publishing your database to the Internet.

  • Includes 1 IP Address
  • 500 MB disk space
  • 5 GB transfer volume/month
  • The Red Origin SoHo Package is the complete solution for business users who are looking for an easy and affordable way to build a sophisticated, professional web presence.

  • Includes 1 IP Address
  • 1 Gb disk space
  • 25 GB transfer volume/month
  • The Red Origin Business Package meets the requirements of companies that demand leading-edge technologies to build powerful, secure and more reliable web applications.

  • Includes 2 IP Addresses
  • 10 GB disk space
  • 100 GB transfer volume/month
  • Included_20D



  • Office hours Customer Care
  • Free E-Mail support
  • Free Setup (FREE €25 Value)
  • Office hours Customer Care
  • Free E-Mail support
  • Free Setup (FREE €55 Value)
  • Office hours Customer Care
  • Free E-Mail support
  • Free Setup (FREE €95 Value)
  • Starting from
    €50 per month

    Starting from
    €100 per month

    Starting from
    €150 per month

    Ready to start Virtual Private Server hosting services? Your state of the art virtual hosting solution can be ready within minutes of signing up. For more information, contact us via email or visit the contact page of our web site.

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